• 1949

    Beltrami Felice

    Nel 1949 Felice Beltrami fonda la Beltrami Felice, azienda specializzata nello stampaggio e assemblaggio degli imbuti e filtri in alluminio delle caffettiere Moka Bialetti.
    Dal 1974 L’azienda viene gestita da Gustavo Beltrami figlio di Felice Beltrami.
    Gustavo ancora oggi è alla guida dell’azienda assieme al fratello Massimo.

  • 1981

    Coffee Machine and Personal Computer Chassis production

    With the arrival of new products like personal computers and automatic coffee machines, Beltrami starts the production of steel chassis for Saeco automatic coffee machines and Olivetti personal computers.


  • 1992

    New production site

    With the growth of chassis demand, Beltrami decide to invest in a new plant facility located in Piedimulera. The plant of Vogogna continues
    the production of funnels and filters for MOKA coffeemaker.

  • 1998

    UNI EN ISO 9001

    Beltrami obtained ISO9001 certification as a recognition of the high quality standards achieved.


  • 2000

    Robotic production lines

    With increasing demand of automatic coffee machine chassis, Beltrami invest in a robotic production line capable to stamp and weld 5000 chassis per day reducing significantly the production costs.

  • 2004

    Household coffee machine boilers

    Beltrami was chosen to produce a stainless steel boiler using laser welding to be used in an household capsule coffee machine. During production process development, Beltrami and Lasag Ag filed a patent relevant the laser welding of heating element on the boiler.


  • 2009

    Professional automatic coffee machine boilers

    In 2009 Beltrami was chosen by a company leader in its own sector to develop a range of stainless steel boilers to be used on professional automatic coffee machines.

  • 2015

    Complete boiler assy

    In 2015 Beltrami starts to supply boilers assembled with hydraulic joints, temperature sensors, water level sensors and insulation covers, increasing the offer to the customers.


  • 2019

    70th Anniversary - Boielrs and heat exchangers

    Beltrami starts to develop boilers for different market sectors and heat exchangers for automotive.The story continues.